Why choose counselling? #01

Why choose counselling?

There are many reasons why a person chooses to visit a counsellor. I have made a list below of some common issues that clients bring. I am experienced in working with these as well as other problems. Some of these may tally with your own experience, or you may have others you are concerned about. If you are not sure about how counselling might help, please ring me on 07711 421545 and we can discuss this further confidentially.

Some starting points for counselling

  • Feelings

  • Anxiety, panic attacks, anger, mood swings, stress, traumatic symptoms.

  • The Mind

  • Confusion, forgetfulness, inability to think, racing thoughts.

  • The Body

  • Insomnia, palpitations, tiredness, pain, appetite problems, breathlessness, headaches, pain.
  • Spirit

  • Personal development, life transitions, loss of meaning, despair, futility, emptiness, soul loss.

  • Relationships

  • Personal, work, sexual issues, childhood abuse, loneliness, bereavement, loss, marriage difficulties.

  • The Outside World

  • Work pressures, trauma, injury, violence

In the midst of winter I found at last there was within myself an invincible summer. (Albert Camus)

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